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Antique Piano

stamp_03 copy.jpg
A stamp featuring the image of an antique piano with a decorative lid.

Applying the ink

In this photo, the student is applying ink to the stamp with a roller. They wear gloves to avoid staining their hands with the ink. The ink is applied with a roller brush for ease and to ensure even distribution.

B flat melodic scale stamp

stamp_25 copy (1).jpg
A photo of the metal side of a stamp showing correspondence students the notes in a B flat melodic scale.


stamp_09 copy.jpg
A stamped image of a violin bow.

Chords for practice

stamp_29 copy.jpg
The metal side of an unprinted stamp. It has a bar of music and chords with the correct fingering for students to learn and practice.

Clavichord (?)

A stamped image of a piano-like instrument, with keys in only one section of the front instead of across the entirety. It may be a clavichord.

Clavichord (?) stamp

stamp_24 copy.jpg
A photo of the metal side of stamp eight, showing the image of the instrument in reverse.

Close up of stamp one

This photo gives a closer look at the first step stamp to create stamp one, the body of a seated man. The relatively plain stamp is easier to see, giving the viewer a better idea of why a two step process to create the finished product gives a…

Detail shot: lifting the paper

This photo is a detail shot of the stamped paper being lifted off the stamp. The student wears gloves to prevent ink smudging on their hands, and must carefully and gently pull the paper away from the inked stamp. This ensures that there is no…

E melodic scale

stamp_10 copy.jpg
A stamp used to show correspondence students how to play an E melodic scale.